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FIBERGLASS RESEARCH & DESIGN INSTITUTE CO., LTD HALL 8 / A2 | FILTECH 2024 12-14 November 2024 | Cologne – Germany
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Exhibitor Profile

Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd (NGF) founded in 1964 and affiliated to CNBM Group - -a Fortune 500 company, which is a comprehensive institute engaged in R&D, manufacturing ,marketing and application service of fiberglass products.

Our business scope includes AGM separators used in VRLA battery, filtration media used in air cleaning and liquid application, filter materials & bags used in dust-collector for environment protection.

NGF is the birthplace of wet manufacturing technology and high-temperature filtration technology in China. As the only one in China holding the whole industrial chain of environmental protection, purification and filtration material manufacturing.We keep promoting the technological progress and industrial development of the industry.

NGF has a number of independent intellectual property rights and advanced industrialization equipment,It is where Jiangsu Organic membrane engineering technology Research Center located in and won 37 national science and Technology awards.

NGF got the ISO 9001certificate in 1998, and ISO 14001 and 18001 in 2007.

There are 1 R&D center and 4 production bases in Tongtian Road Nanjing, Jiangjun Avenue Nanjing, Tengzhou Shandong and DongNai Vietnam.


10,000tons for filtration media(air&liquid)
12,000,000m2 for filter materials &bags

Products / Markets

Product Index

  • Air Filter Media

  • Bag Filters

  • Battery Separators

  • Dust Collectors

  • Filter Bags

  • Filter Cartridges

  • Filter Cloth

  • Filter Fabrics

  • Filter Felts

  • Filter Media for Liquids

  • Glass Fibre Filter

  • Glass Fibre Media

  • Glass Filter Bags

  • HEPA Filters

  • Membranes

  • Nonwovens

  • Oil Filter Media

  • Synthetic Fibre Media

Market Scope

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Electronic, Microelectronic Industry

  • Environmental Protection

  • Filtration and Separation Industry

  • Iron, Steel Manufacturing

  • Metal Processing Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Semiconductor Industry

  • Textile Industry

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